Magical Botanical Ingredient In UCCHUSMA Tsa Tsa

Magical Herbs & Woods

Nature has provided a veritable magical pantry in the plants & trees, which grows all over our planet. Since ancient times these plants have been used in magic – the practice of causing change by natural (albeit little-understood) powers.

Though the medicinal properties of plants & trees are fairly well-known – many of the most widely prescribed drugs are synthesized versions of substances originally derived from plants – their occult powers are less accessible. Much of their magic still lies in the shadow of secrecy.

Our ancestors knew that plants & trees had mysterious, magical powers. Although the magic in herbs has been forgotten by many, it is never disappeared.

We have wandered into wilderness, do many researched and with the helping hand of both spirituals and the many obliging masters, native Orang Asli (Malaysia) and aborigines (Australia). We have found many amazing plants & trees with mysterious spiritual properties. We have processed them with extreme care & guidance of qualified gurus teaching us and helping us dry them at the right times and have them eventually powdered that instill it’s natural energies. Appended below were what we have gathered for the making of the most precious UCCHUSMA tsa tsa.

01) Kayu Tas Hitam – Love, exorcism & protection from wild animals.

02) Kayu Tas Putih – Love, healing , protection &tamer of wild animals.

03) Kayu Penunduk Putih – Loving kindness.

04) Kayu Penunduk Merah – Loving kindness.

05) Nibong Biasa – Antidote to magically inflicted pain.

06) Kayu Pahlawan Kuning – Protection from Necomancer.

07) Tras Kia – Defence & Antidote to Psysic attack.

08) NIbong Tanggal – Antidote to magically inflicted pain.

09) Lemunin Hitam – Summoning of spirit,Antidote to magically inflicted pain.

10) Tras Keluat Hitam – Defence, smooth business, tamer & destoryer of magic.

11) Kayu Ulin – Defence, business, tamer & destroyer of magic.

12) Tras Keluat Batu – Defence & antidote to magically inflicted pain.

13) Tras asam Jawa – Defence to skin problems caused by Necromancer.

14) Tras Delima – Defence & antidote to pain.

15) Tras BErlian – Defence & antidote to pain.

16) Buluh Tumpat – Defence to magic.

17) Kayu Sepang – Defence to spritual causing pain & antidote to such.

18) Raja Kayu – Defence & antidote to counter spiritual attack.

19) Tempurong Buta – Defence & antidote.

20) Kayu Iboi – Stop spirit causing pain.

21) Rotan Song Sung – Defence from human betrayal.

22) Penawar Kayu Hitam – Defence & antidote to pain.

23) Lemunin emas – Antidote to spiritual causing pain & botanical poison.

24) Ibu kayu – Antidote to spiritual causing pain & botanical poison.

25) Kayu Pesung hantu – Antidote to spiritual causing pain & botanical poison.

26) Jenis besi estimewa – Defence to spiritual causing pain & brings good luck.

27)Tanduk (Kulit) Kijang Putih – Defence to spiritual causing pain & brings luck.

28) Kayu Kokka – Tamer, defence & antidote to botanical poison & spiritual pain.

29) Gading Geyah – Tamer, defence & antidote to botanical poison & pain.

30) Tulang anta – Defence.

31) Tulang Ikan duyong – Defence.

32) Puting Parang Putih – Self-defence & compassion.

33) Berd Senapang Putih – Self-defence & compassion.

34) Kayu Andung – Defence against any misfortune.

35) Tras Inai – (Bunga Putih) – loving Kindness.

36) Buluh Perindu – Love & success in business.

37) Cenai Batu – Attraction & success in business.

38) Tras Kabu – Defence.

39) Kayu Upei Bersi – Heal body.

40) Sendudok Putih – Defence to poison.

41) Kayu Tas Pelangi – Tamer of wild animals.

42) Jelangnau Merah – Defence to botanical poison.

43) Bunga serai – Business.

44) Ular Mas – Defence, expels snakes, counter attack against spirit.

45) Kuniet powder – Protection & Invisibility against spirit & Necromancer.

46) Lour ular cintamani – Loving kindness.

47) Sanwei sa dun putih – Loving kindness.

48) Sulo Bertum – protection, when hit with anger will cause skin to rot away.

49) Sintok – Changes luck from these powder when bath.

50) Batu Wang – suck out poison from snake bites.

51) Rotan Hitam – Defence.

52) Kayu Machan – Gambling.

53) Songsung Arus – Business.

54) Bujan Galat – Gambling & lottery.

55) Tras Luat (Sea Branches) – Metta

56) Rotan Angus – Metta

57) Rotan Manis – Metta

58) Kayu Andung – Metta

59) Buluh Utang oil (Bamboo Flower) – Metta

60) Ebu Kuniet – to counter spiritual warfare.

61) Tras Kelo – Most powerful of all trees, counts black magic

62) Kayu Kokka – Most sacred wood, once used by Moses opening the red sea.

63) Pine (Found in Orchard Rd) – Stuck by lightning, having countering essence.

While most of the magical plants & trees presented here deals with everyday problems, more complex plants are also broached in the text – invisibility, summoning of spirit and so on. Such information is presented because it is traditional and interesting not necessarily for it’s practical application. This creation of our precious UCCHUSMA tsa tsa is an infinitely practical collection of herbs magic which anyone can possessed.

Some of the names of the Plants & Trees are lost due to transfers of these precious materials from one generation to another. We were blessed to have gathered these ,once to be in abundant but now considered to be (EXTINCT) from the face of Earth…..

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  1. great thing inside the amulet …
    where can i get such powerful amulet …


  2. where can i get such powerful amulet …


  3. If only more than 69 people would hear this.

  4. Hello,

    I have read all about Ucchusma Tsa Tsa in your website and wish to know how a person could purchase one of these magical pendants.

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