Relics of great enlightenment in the Ucchusma Tsa Tsa

Relics of Shakyamuni Buddha

When the Buddha was alive some 2,500 years ago, the people at that era were considered to have had good karma to see him in this human manifestation, to make offerings, pay respects and receive direct teaching from him. After he passed into parinirvana in approximately 483 BCE, he compassionately manifested relics as devotional sacred objects so that we have the opportunity today in the 21st century to make prayers and offerings to him and to receive his blessings.

The relics embody those beings and are also a powerful means by which their wondrous qualities may be recalled. Relics ensure that the presence of the Buddha is perpetuated after the passing of the Buddha.
These groups of holy relics is of the world’s greatest and most compassionate spiritual leaders “Shakyamuni Buddha”.The relics of Buddha are also unusual because they are pearl-like deposits. The pearls are found in the cremation ashes of “Shakyamuni Buddha” and It’s quite rare in being available to the public. This is the Buddhist version of relics that are revered by people of other faiths too.
From a Buddhist standpoint, it’s considered very blessed, very lucky, to view these relics, Some people say they get different feelings of peace from viewing the objects. They’re considered to be a healing influence. The experience can be life-changing, too.

The bottom line is that to develop into a wiser, more loving and compassionate person takes a lot of training for most of us and these relics remind us of this potentials.

1.sacred red/black/yellow/brown blood relics of lord buddha shakyamuni
2. sacred transparent/yellow & green brain relics of lord buddha shakyamuni
3. Rare dakini relics

The relics of the buddha are sacred. To enshrine relics of the buddha into this rarely produced ucchusma pendant would mean plentiful blessings and ultimately the remembrance of our lord buddha shakyamuni’s perfections and his teachings.

This also helps to purify one’s body, speech and mind and well blessed with all wisdoms of the universe. The manifestation of this ucchusma pendant in this era serves timely right and it is a gift from lord buddha.

A sutra relates how the Buddha gave detailed instructions for the cremation of his body and the enshrinement of his relics. When Ven. Ananda asked the Buddha what should be done to the Buddha’s body upon his physical body passing away, Buddha replied that his remains should be given the same treatment as to a wheel-turning monarch (Cakravartin). He then described the procedure for preparing the body for cremation, and asked for the construction of a stupa to enshrine his remains. According to Buddha, a devotee who venerates the Buddha’s remains with faith and joy will enjoy long lasting happiness.

Benefits of Buddha Relics
The Buddha once said that seeing his relics is akin to seeing him. Thus, relics are symbols of the qualities of Buddhahood and represent the Buddha always turning the Dharma wheel. In samsara, our minds are always clouded by ignorance, hatred and anger. If we see the Buddha relics with our own eyes, we will be reminded of the qualities of Buddhahood and continue to walk the path. Our own Buddha nature will gradually manifest and finally we will attain liberation and enlightenment.

Now, we can wear it to constantly reminds us of our loving Lord Buddha and it’s teachings…….


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