Ucchusma Sikhote-Alin TsaTsa – Souvenirs from Space

Ucchusma Sikhote-Alin Tsa Tsa

                                        Sold- Indonesia

At around 10:30 am on February 12, 1947, eyewitnesses in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains, Primorye, Russia, observed a large bolide brighter than the Sun that came out of the north and descended at an angle of about 41 degrees. The bright flash and the deafening sound of the fall were observed for three hundred kilometres around the point of impact not far from Luchegorsk and approximately 440 km northeast of Vladivostok. A smoke trail, estimated at 32 km long, remained in the sky for several hours.

As the meteorite — traveling at a speed of about 14 km/s — entered the atmosphere, it began to break apart, and the fragments fell together. At an altitude of about 5.6 km, the largest mass apparently broke up in a violent explosion.

To purchase and enquires, kindly send an email to zhaofu.ucchusma@gmail.com


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