What you get is “Quality” not “Quantity” Tsa Tsa

Thank you for your interest in Ucchusma.Wordpress.com We dedicate our life’s work to researching and collecting the finest & rare botanical and has been making them available in Tsa Tsa / Amuletic forms (Sacred Objects).

We feel there are five criteria to selecting great Amulets. Types of Sacred Pills, Rare Botanicals (Herbs), Personal effects of holy gurus, Manifestation Gifts & holy Relics. Harmonize all together and you get good volume, long-lasting power sustaining and authentic gift from Nature at it’s best.

Each Amulet we sell or donated are hand selected to ensure this level of quality. We invest the time to make six buying and researched (In mountaineous forestation) trips a year, and have worked long and hard on our relationships with our suppliers (Aborigines & Orange Asli) to make sure this quality is available to us. We have been doing barter trades / business with some of these families going back three generations.

kindly contact us if you need more details zhaofu.ucchusma@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


~ by ucchusma on May 23, 2010.

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